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Brothers forever. | Jewel Images Bend, Oregon Newborn Photographer #newborn #photography #newbornphotographer #jewelimages

We had the pleasure of photographing this growing, beautiful family for the second time as they recently welcomed a new baby boy into the fold, Payden! It is an incredible experience to watch babies grow, sibling relationships mature, and mom and dad’s happy smiles continue to shine through the early years of laughter, bedtime stories […]

Payden | Newborn


Big brother couldn’t be happier! | Jewel Images Bend, Oregon Newborn Photographer #newborn #photography #newbornphotographer #jewelimages

Newborn baby Rian came to see us recently and she brought her beautiful family along too! We were just tickled. Rian’s mom and dad were looking for images that showcased their beautiful family bond, and the love they feel for one another. As you’ll see, Rian’s big brother Rory was over the moon about holding […]

Rian | Newborn


Wrapped beautiful, nestled sweetly, newborn | Jewel Images Bend, Oregon Newborn Photographer #newborn #photography #newbornphotographer #jewelimages

“We want to remember him exactly as he is now, and have those memories last forever.” These are the words Avery’s parents used to describe their family story. We think this is so incredibly beautiful because this is the reason we do what we do. To encapsulate memories, feelings, smells, the moments that make families […]

Avery | Newborn


This image of sister and new baby sister was custom painted, perfection. | Jewel Images Bend, Oregon Newborn Photographer #newborn #photography #newbornphotographer #jewelimages

We titled this post “Our Kinsley is Here!” because we honestly feel this way. This sweet little newborn girl is so very special to us because her mother, Belinda, is not only Julia’s studio manager, but she is also a dear friend and quite simply, one of the most beautiful human beings we know. We’ve […]

Our Kinsley is Here!


Finally together! | Jewel Images Bend, Oregon Newborn Photographer #newborn #photography #newbornphotographer #jewelimages

Meet little Jensen, the newest member of one our very favorite families. His parents, as you’ll see, are some of the most beautiful, caring and loving people we’ve met and their complete adoration for their children (now 2!) is so evident. We really wanted to capture that feeling of love and joy in Jensen’s newborn session. His big […]

Jensen | Newborn


Black and white and softly nestled | Jewel Images Bend, Oregon Newborn Photographer #newborn #photography #newbornphotographer #jewelimages

Introducing Charley Anne! We’re so lucky to meet so many tiny humans like this sweet little peanut. We especially love learning all of their names and Charley Anne is one of our favorites! This session was so beautiful and Charley’s alert personality had us gushing all morning long. We were also able to create another […]

Charley Anne | Newborn


Touching toes! | Jewel Images Bend, Oregon Newborn Photographer #newborn #photography #newbornphotographer #jewelimages

This is such a fun little story! Emmet, six months old, was on vacation visiting Bend, Oregon with his family when we got to meet him for the very first time. Mama found us online and figured she hadn’t had time for a proper six-month session at home, so why not make it happen while […]

Emmet | 6 months old


Wide eyed and ready! | Jewel Images Bend, Oregon Newborn Photographer #newborn #photography #newbornphotographer #jewelimages

Welcome to the world baby Savannah! This beautiful family loves a lot of cozy! You know why? Mom, Dad and now, baby Savannah are all winter babies. That warm love that we all snuggle up with during the winter season is at the very core of this family. You can see it in their eyes […]

Savannah | 10 days old


Yin & Yang beauty| Jewel Images Bend, Oregon Newborn Photographer #newborn #photography #newbornphotographer #jewelimages

Meet Jack and Willa. Jack and Willa—really, we could stop there because their names paint a picture of sweet beauty, don’t they? Don’t worry though, we won’t stop because we could gush all day about this sweet pair of fraternal twins! The moment this family walked into the studio, their warm energy, loving kindness and […]

Twins | Twice As Nice


Newborn beauty | Jewel Images Bend, Oregon Newborn Photographer #newborn #photography #newbornphotographer #jewelimages

Braelyn came to us at 12 days old. Born premature at just 34 weeks, she was only 4 lbs and 15oz at birth. By the time she came in for her newborn photos, she was a little over five pounds. Great growth that mom and dad were happy with but still a sweet, tiny little […]

Braelyn | Sweet Preemie


Meet baby Bentli! Isn’t that the sweetest name ever? How could you not love a little girl with a name like Bentli? Her personality, big blue eyes, and contagious smile are enough to win you over forever! Oh, and you do know that we’re in Oregon, so of course we have a few images of […]

Bijou Baby Bentli


Isabella Grace. Such a beautiful name for this stunning baby girl. Isabella came to us at just seven days old and she stole our hearts with her sweet features, chunky cheeks and pinchable toes! One look at her gorgeous parents and you know where all that beauty came from. Her mother is from Argentina and […]

Isabella Grace & Family


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