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Meet baby Bentli! Isn’t that the sweetest name ever? How could you not love a little girl with a name like Bentli? Her personality, big blue eyes, and contagious smile are enough to win you over forever! Oh, and you do know that we’re in Oregon, so of course we have a few images of her in Oregon Ducks gear. Go Ducks, we still love you even without the national title!!

One thing you should know. We’ve met Bentli before. We know her quite well actually. She came to us as a newborn just 8 months ago and we’re lucky enough to get to follow her through some ages and stages as one of our Bijou Baby Planners! At about seven months and then again at 1-year, Bentli has photography sessions already planned and scheduled. We’ll capture her growth, her milestones, and her changing little personality through the first year of life. Mom and Dad will be able to cherish these stages for years to come!

This session in her plan is all about sitting up. Personality is coming out in so many ways, along with giggles, coos and an insatiable curiosity about the world. She’s just learning how to self-feed, and because of that, we often have a bit of fun getting messy and totally adorable! We always ask parents to take thought in preparing for their Bijou Baby Plan sessions. As babies grow, their routines become so important and we want them to be in the best possible mood for their photography session. We ask parents to schedule their session around nap time so baby is feeling fresh and happy. Favorite outfits, special “lovies” and stuffed animals are helpful tools if baby is having a hard time. Bentli’s parents, as you’ll be able to tell from her crystal clear eyes, porcelain skin and gigantic smile, did a very good job preparing!

Our Bijou Baby Plan is the perfect way to make sure you don’t miss a minute of baby’s first year. Go here for more information and pricing for the Bijou Baby Plan

Bentli, we can’t wait to see you again for your cake smash on your first birthday!


Bathtub bowl: Design Revolution

Silver bucket: JD Vintage Props

Cream tieback: Little Olive

Chair: Central Oregon antique shop

Backdrops: Savage Seamless Papers


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