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Newborn baby girl wrapped | Jewel Images Bend, Oregon Julia Kelleher Newborn Photographer

Little sweet Hadley. She may have been born a bit early, and just over six pounds at birth, but this little lady is larger than she seems. Her name carries a beautiful history, family and courage. You see, Hadley was named after her great grandfather who died at sea while serving the Navy. Hadley, the great grandfather, […]

Hadley | Newborn Baby Girl


Newborn baby Jewel Images Julia Kelleher Bend, Oregon

Have we told you how much we love baby number two? Don’t get us wrong, the first baby is so incredibly special in every way and we adore watching families welcome their first newborn baby. But there is something so sweet for us as photographers to have the opportunity to meet a family’s second baby. Maybe […]

Baby Branson and Big Sister


Julia Kelleher Jewel Images Portrait Design

Welcome to the world baby Greta! Little Greta is a gift in every sense of the word and her family was so excited to welcome her home. This was the very first time this family was photographed “complete!” That’s something that’s so incredibly special for us and we hope these images are cherished for generations to […]

Greta Newborn


Julia Kelleher Newborn Photography

If you follow us on Facebook, you may have noticed some behind the scenes photos during our visit from CreativeLive. The always talented production crew came here to our studio in Bend, Oregon to preshoot several of the segments that are a part of Julia’s upcoming course, “Studio Systems: A Photography Business Bootcamp.” As we gear up for the live […]

Bootcamp Baby Sneak Peek


Sweetness! | Jewel Images Bend, Oregon Newborn Photographer #newborn #photography #newbornphotographer #jewelimages

Little Savannah is one incredibly special baby girl. She is loved beyond compare by her equally incredible and special parents, and now that she has entered a new stage of baby-hood (she’s 6 months old!), you can see the joy written all over her face. Savannah came to us as a newborn and we can’t […]

Savannah Returns! 6 Months Old


A baby yawn! | Jewel Images Bend, Oregon #newbornphotography #babyphotos #jewelimages

We love it when a brand-new baby shows us a ridiculously cute expression! Case in point, little miss Sookie. We just can’t get over the wink/yawn she gave us! As you likely know as well, we love baby toes. We love baby toes much we devoted an entire Pinterest board to them. There’s something so incredibly […]

Sookie is a Cutie! | Newborn Photography


We love it when baby planners come to visit. We forge such a strong bond with baby and family during their newborn photography session, we get so excited when they decide to sign up for a baby plan because then we know we will see them again soon and be able to watch them grow! […]

Alivia | 8 Months Old


Hi there smiling baby! | Jewel Images Bend, Oregon Newborn Photographer #newborn #photography #newbornphotographer #jewelimages

Newborn baby photography. Every day is a fresh slate, a clean canvas, a new beginning. It’s joyful, rich and so rewarding. To meet a new family who has welcomed a brand new baby into the world, just days after mom has given birth taken new baby home, it’s an experience we can’t quite put into words. […]

Emery | Newborn


Baby wrapped, peek a boo toes | Jewel Images Bend, Oregon Newborn Photographer #newborn #photography #newbornphotographer #jewelimages

Sweet little Jemma! What can we say, she was born a Jem! And we can’t help but say that because she signed up for our Studio Jems Session and we thought it was just too perfect a name! During a Jems Session, we photograph newborn only, so Jemma really got to be the star of […]

Baby Jemma is a Jem


The sweetest siblings | Jewel Images Bend, Oregon Newborn Photographer #newborn #photography #newbornphotographer #jewelimages

When a new baby walks into the studio, we know how important our work will soon become. Capturing a family at the very moment they’re welcoming new life is an intimate experience that we feel so honored to be a part of. We can’t quite put it into words, all we know is that the […]

Carter | Newborn


I have baby teeth! | Jewel Images Bend, Oregon Newborn Photographer #newborn #photography #newbornphotographer #jewelimages

Little Eli. We were so lucky to welcome this sweet little guy back, just about seven months after photographing him as a newborn. Oh, how they change! He’s bigger, of course, but now he has personality to go with all that sweetness. This is part of the reason why we love Baby Planners so much. […]

Eli is now a Baby Planner


Siblings are the best! | Jewel Images Bend, Oregon Newborn Photographer #newborn #photography #newbornphotographer #jewelimages

We were so excited to meet little miss Vayle. And obviously so was her beautiful family! Vayle’s mother had one important request: to capture the fleeting sweetness between siblings. Their adoration for new baby was so real and true, we didn’t have too hard of a time doing just that! This beautiful family is welcoming another […]

Vayle | Newborn


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