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Meet Jack and Willa. Jack and Willa—really, we could stop there because their names paint a picture of sweet beauty, don’t they? Don’t worry though, we won’t stop because we could gush all day about this sweet pair of fraternal twins!

The moment this family walked into the studio, their warm energy, loving kindness and sheer adoration for each other made us all melt. The interesting thing, as you’ll notice in the photographs, is that Jack is so much larger than his twin sister Willa. We couldn’t get over the contrast and we like to think that he’s more than ready to protect his twin sister for the rest of his life.

Twins are so incredibly special. We always feel so privileged to photograph newborn twins. (Go here for another newborn session we are so, so proud of. Go Here for our very first triplet session!) Oh, multiples, their relationship is special from the  moment it begins, you can tell so clearly from the very beginning. With Jack and Willa, the way they cuddle, their jockeying cries, we just know they are a match made in heaven. We’re beyond honored to share this session with you all. We hope mom, dad, Jack and Willa cherish these images for generations to come!

If you’d like to see even more of Julia’s newborn twin photos, follow her Newborn Twins & Triplets board on Pinterest (warning, cute overload ahead!)


Basket by:

Bucket stuffer by: JD Vintage Props

Faux Wood Floor: Shack by Serendipity Backgrounds

Yellow Flower Tieback by: EcoStreet on Etsy

Gray Woven Wrap by: JD Vintage Props

Brown and Blue Wraps by: JD Vintage Props

Cream Silk Scarf by: EcoStreet on Etsy

Cream Wrap by: JD Vintage Props

Cream Flower Tieback by: Little Olive

Background Papers by: Savage Seamless Paper

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