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It’s so easy to fall into the “I’ll go back to work when this is over” trap. I’ve been on the motivation struggle bus all weekend, and it’s hard to get back into “think outside the box” mode when you’re tired, burnt out on staying home and negative Nancy keeps pulling all nighters in your […]

3 Tasks to Pivot Your Photography Business


The last 10 days have perhaps been some of the most “up and down” moments I’ve ever experienced in my entrepreneurial career.  Corona virus has put us all on a E-ticket ride rollercoaster we have no power to get off. Or do we? While it’s perfectly normal in a stress response situation to  have these emotional ups […]

Control What You Can. Know What You Can’t.


Are you struggling to decide what photography products to offer your portrait clients in 2020? Navigating the product maze can be daunting, especially when you’re moving from an all-digital business model to IPS, or you’re revamping a stale product line that your photography clients aren’t buying. This year at WPPI, I’ll be offering a FREE […]

Free Product Development Workshop


Our new business membership site, the 5 Carat Collective, is exploding in just 2 months of going live! So many business owners have gathered together to help and support each other. It’s truly amazing and inspiring to be part of this powerful business mastermind. What have we been doing this January? From solidifying our brands, […]

What’s Happening in 5CC?


It’s the photography industry argument. Everyone fights over it, and everyone seems to have the right answer. Mention one model to the other and it’s blasphemy. Canon or Nikon, anyone? It’s the same ‘ol, same ‘ol Super Bowl pissing match. Really? Come on. It doesn’t matter. A lot of professionals probably want to strangle me […]

Shoot ‘N Burn Vs. IPS


There’s nothing like hearing marketing advice from real business owners who are in the trenches, and making it work for themselves every day. Marketing is a game, a puzzle to be solved, broken up and resolved again and again. It’s a process, not a one-time result. Different strategies work for different businesses in different markets, […]

The BEST Marketing Advice


I wish I could whole-heartedly tell you there is one. Nope. Nada, get over it. All too often I see photographers doing everything else, but marketing to get new clients. They think it’s their pricing. They think it’s their product line. They think it’s their work. They change all this and frantically ask,” Why am […]

Marketing: Where’s the Easy Button?


There’s been a lot of $10K+ sales talk going on lately. You hear it in Facebook Groups, rumorville and through your photog best friend in next-door-ville. And the reactions to these ultra-high, super-single, sales sessions is a collective, “Wow!!! HOW did they DO that?” And while I totally get it, it’s not reality. Yes, that […]

Get Off The $10,000 Roller Coaster


If you think so, you’re doing it VERY wrong. Or you’re making a judgement call without all the facts. And while it can be high pressure if you make it that way, I personally don’t believe in that. Most In-personal sales (IPS) photographers I know are not. They would be stupid too run their businesses […]

Isn’t In-Person Sales High Pressure & Shady? Nothing But A Hard Sell?


I’m revisiting one of our archived Talk-A-Latte episodes (#16) because now really is the perfect timing to think about how to Fill Your Fall Calendar. We had our special guest (and my sister!) – Jenny Mason, CPP, Orange County CA – with us to talk about strategies she uses every Summer to drive Fall business. […]

5 Strategies To Fill Up Your Fall Calendar


WANT TO KNOW A SECRET? Low prices do not convince a client to book! The phone rings. It’s a number you don’t recognize. Your heart skips a beat as you realize it’s either a telemarketer or a potential client who’s curious about what you offer. Which one is it? Mustering up all the courage in […]

Price Does Not Convince A Client To Book!


Seriously, you want to give up? After all of that hard work? We all have feelings of “down in the dumps.” It’s perfectly normal and natural. You’re in the doldrums. You cannot get your booty out of no-mans land and your brain fog is as thick as the pea soup your grandma shoved down your throat […]

How To Push Through The Feeling Of Wanting To Give Up


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