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How To Push Through The Feeling Of Wanting To Give Up

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Seriously, you want to give up?

After all of that hard work?

We all have feelings of “down in the dumps.” It’s perfectly normal and natural. You’re in the doldrums. You cannot get your booty out of no-mans land and your brain fog is as thick as the pea soup your grandma shoved down your throat at age 9. Yuck!

But seriously, what are you thinking??


Everyone has days. PMS, the kids are copping attitude, hubby is hiding in a hole. You have to do EVERYTHING. I get it. But your business? You want to close shop? It’s too hard? No clients are calling? You can’t seem to hang onto any cash you make? Well it’s time to re-evaluate and find out what’s really going on.

Entrepreneurship is a VERY lonely place. And when things don’t go as you planned it’s really easy to fall in the well of obsessive thinking, the death trap of quitting and the woe-is-me, I-just-can’t-do-it-anymore mentality. But what would happen if you DID quit? Would you really be happier? Or are you just…as Taylor would say… “putting a band-aid on a bullet hole?” Instead try these practices that help me:

1. Go back to why you started this journey it the first place. What is it about photography that you love? Then, go shoot something for fun. Yes for fun.

2. Understand WHO is telling you to give up. It’s George. And George represents someone else.

3. Take a break…. A vacation. Plan a girlfriend day.

4. Surround yourself with successful/driven people. You are who you are with. This support system will help pull you through and then be there to celebrate your victory too!

5. Exercise. It’s proven to be better for your mind than your body.

6. Write down what you’re thankful for in your business. Focusing on the positives will get your mindset shifted to success rather than overwhelm and failure.

7. Celebrate small milestones – be proud.

8. Give back with your talent. Charity work can be a great way to reset your purpose and reinvigorate your love for the industry.

9. Know when to quit. And when is exactly is that? When you dread going to work EVERY day. When you live for weekends and escaping your job.

“We don’t have thoughts and emotions for nothing. Sometimes quitting is the best decision. Maybe you didn’t know what you were getting into. Maybe your priorities have changed. Maybe you’d be better doing something else. If you know deep down that quitting is the right move, do it. Don’t hesitate because of previously invested effort. That’s a sunk cost. If you ignore your better judgment and continue you’ll waste more time and energy.” – Marie Forleo.

So get out of your house and go try a few of the tactics listed above. You may be pleasantly surprised how quick the doldrums fade away. Want more Jewel TV?Log on to and see all the episodes for free. Plus, get downloads and freebies for some of them too!

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