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So, I can hear you now. Julia, “What is the sibling honeymoon?” In newborn photography, we refer to the sibling honeymoon as that time period when the older first-born child is still ‘in-love’ with their new brother or sister – aka the newborn. But sometimes that comes to an end all too quickly and you are stuck trying to photograph a toddler who wants NOTHING to do with the newborn. And in mom’s mind? That’s the only shot she wants; the two of them TOGETHER. Ugh! What do you do? Well, in this episode of Jewel TV, we give you some tips on what to do and how to handle it when the toddler goes AWOL.

…in mom’s mind? That’s the only shot she wants; the two of them TOGETHER.

Top ways to handle it:

  1. Shoot before two weeks, preferably within 7 days of baby’s birth.
  2. Set parent expectations.
  3. Coach parents through it with tips on engaging the older sibling before the shoot.
  4. Shoot sibling images first to avoid older sibling burnout.
  5. Composite sibling with baby.
  6. Finally- when all else fails – try again at the end of the session or schedule a quick re-shoot.

And most important of all, learn to wrap a newborn! With good wrapping skills, you won’t have to worry about the baby. He/She will be happy and warm snuggled up tight in a great swaddle.

So, how do you really learn to wrap well? Take our wrapping course! It’s online and ready for your to watch right now. Share, like, tweet and comment on this post. Also, show us your sibling shots! Post on your social channels with the hashtag #JewelTV. We’d LOVE to see!

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