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We live in a technology age. Anything you get in the mail is typically a bill or junk–depressing and nondescript. So, an incredible way to endear your clients is to send them a hand-signed note! This simple, small gesture can set the tone for a beautiful experience for your customer and breaks the ice in a positive way for you. When a special note arrives in the mail it sends a clear message to your client:

  • You took the time.
  • You care about making them feel good.
  • You notice the details.
  • You are thoughtful.
  • Their experience is important to you.
  • You desire a “relationship” with them as a customer.
  • They are not just a number.

So what do you write?

First off, greet your client warmly.

Then, tell them how much you are looking forward to their session. Describe why it’s important to you to capture quality images of them. In other words, define your purpose for doing what you do and relay it to them genuinely.

Lastly, remark on something personal to that particular client as you end the note:

  • Do they have a special occasion coming up?
  • Are they remodeling their home?
  • Is a child going off the college?
  • Is mom delivering a baby soon?
  • Are they moving?
  • Did a child get into their choice university?
  • Did a family member win any events or accomplish a personal goal lately?
  • Had there been a promotion?
  • Has a child been ill? Can you send well wishes?
  • Is there a family birthday?

By commenting on a personal level, you show your client you are listening to who they are what they value. What we do at Jewel Images is provide a welcome card to each client who books a session. It is hand-signed and sent with a stamp and the U.S. Postal Service. Our clients love receiving this and it sets a great tone. We also send out a postcard on a occasion to tell clients we are thinking of them and hoping they are well. All too often, when we send this postcard unsolicited and unexpectedly, the client calls to say thank you and winds up booking a subsequent session! This is not our goal with  personal notes, but a lovely fringe benefit when it happens. So, make it part of your “client booking” workflow. Have a stack of cards ready and waiting for the next time a new client calls to reserve a session! It can go a long way to creating a meaningful relationship with your customer, and is a simple, and easy thing to start doing right away. The result will be a warm, inviting and personal experience for your client that will help solidify your brand and create a lasting relationship.

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