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Random Things About Me….


Copy this list into your own Note, and place a YES by all the things you’ve done and a NO from the ones you have not. Then tag your friends. This is for your entire life!

Been to Europe – YES

Been on a cruise -YES

Gone on a blind date -yYES

Skipped school – YES

Watched someone die – NO

Been to Canada – YES

Been to Mexico – YES

Been to Florida – YES

Been on a plane – YES

Climbed a lighthouse – YES

Swam in the ocean – YES

Cried yourself to sleep – YES

Seen the Cherry Blossoms in Washington , D.C. – NO

Played cops and robbers – YES

Flown a plane – YES

Owned a boat – NO

Watched grandchildren grow – NO

Recently colored with crayons – YES

Been to the Kentucky Derby -NO…almost. Couldn’t get off work. It was May Sweeps!

Been to Key West -NO

Been to a rodeo – YES

Sang Karaoke – YES

Paid for a meal with coins only – YES

Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t? – YES

Made prank phone calls – YES.

Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose – YES…(Inspired by Tanner)

Caught a snowflake on your tongue – YES

Danced in the rain – YES

Written a letter to Santa Claus – YES

Been kissed under the mistletoe – YES

Watched the sunrise with someone – YES

Seen the green flash at sunset – YES

Blown bubbles – YES

Gone ice-skating – Heck YES!

Gone to the movies – YES

Owned a convertible – YES

Been to Hawaii -YES

Eaten just cookies for dinner – YES

Been on TV – YES!!!

Steal any traffic sign -NO

Random stuff about you: um…

Any nickname? Jules

Mother’s name? Valerie

Body Piercing? Ears…removed a belly ring. Hated it!

How much do you love your job? It’s the Best thing I could have ever done.

Birthplace? Riverside, CA

Ever been in a car accident? YES

Drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? 4-Door

Favorite number? 7

Favorite movie? CASABLANCA

Favorite holiday? Thanksgiving

Favorite dessert? Chocolate Bread Pudding

Favorite food? Italian or Steak

Favorite day of the week? Sunday

Favorite brand of body wash? Yummy Smelling

Favorite smell? Chocolate or Cinnamon

How do you relax? Love on my puppy.

How do you see yourself in 10 years? With a thriving business in a fabulous home with my sweetheart, and traveling the world.

Who will respond to this the fastest? Amy Prutch

  1. Uncle S says:

    Thanks, that was a fun way to spend an in office short lunch!

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