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When a new family comes to us for newborn photography, we like to ask several questions about their interior design, personal style, and overall features of their home. We want to be sure the look and design of the images will complement the family’s home so these are always important questions to ask. We also love interior design (Julia is a Joanna Gaines and Restoration Hardware addict!) so it’s a fun process for us to go through too.

We often hear from parents that they’re not sure how to answer these questions because they’re not in their “forever home.” They may be renting, or moving in the near future, or simply not yet in that home where their true style is being expressed. This is so normal at this time of life, when mom and dad are still somewhat young and emphasis is on work and raising a family, sometimes we can even forget what our true style is because life is just too busy to think about it!

Whatever your “forever home” outlook is, we want you to know, we get it. And we love helping families realize that even if you’re in a somewhat temporary situation, quality family photography, newborn photography especially, is still just as important. And we’re always happy to help get you thinking about what your style might be like one day, when that forever home is realized.

So, we want to be sure you to know… Not in your permanent home? That’s okay! A home is not about where you are. A home is about expressing the love you share for one another. What better way to do that than hang a few photos showcasing new beginnings and the love of your life, your newborn baby.

Here are some tips for selecting the best newborn photography for your home design, even if you’re not in your forever home:

1. Choose a newborn photographer who uses neutral tones and has a simple, natural aesthetic. Bright colors and fancy props can be really fun, but they tend to go in and out of style. If you stick with classic, neutral styles and a very simple aesthetic for baby, your images will stand the test of time and wavering trends in photography. And will match any home décor, whether it’s your style now or in the future. Bonus? Your beautiful newborn baby will be the star of the show.RoomView2_Photos_JewelImages

2. Think about what your design style truly is, even if it’s not being expressed in your current home. Are you a Pottery Barn type of person? Or does Anthropologie get you giddy? If you could have your dream home today, where would the furniture be from? What color would your couch be? What finishes and fabrics would you love the most? (These are really fun questions to ask by the way, as you get to dream and discover your true style!) Start a Pinterest board if it helps you organize your thoughts. Check out Julia’s “For the Home” Pinterest board to see her personal home style.

3. Think about where you want to hang your photos and canvases. Is it for the nursery, the master bedroom, the family room? Each room has a different feeling and use, and it’s important to think about where you’d like to display the images.


4. Send us photos of a few of your rooms. We can show you exactly how the images will look on your walls. Just ask and we’ll walk you through the process!

5. If you’re really stuck and feeling unsure, or don’t have any wall space to begin with, a custom album can help highlight the majority of images from your session and look good in any room. And your children will cherish it for the rest of their lives!

Don’t let finding your forever home determine how or if you capture this incredibly important time of life. Your newborn photography will likely last much longer than that home anyway.


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