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Julia and Belinda are in Nashville for Imaging USA this week. Music City, oh yeah!

Imaging USA is created and led by the professional photographers of PPA, the largest photography non-profit in the world assisting 27,000 photographers through protection, education and resources for their continued success. Imaging is a gigantic trade show attracting tens of thousands of photographers from all over the world for a whirlwind, jam-packed three days of products, process, education and fun!

This year, Julia is teaching a course with her sister, Jenny Mason of Jenny Mason Photography. It’s very exciting because the pair were able to teach together for a short time during one of Julia’s CreativeLive courses. BUT, this is the very first time they’re teaching a full course on the same stage and it’s going to be fantastic! “Success. It’s All In Your Head.” Taking a close look at two businesses, Julia’s and Jenny’s, the ladies will analyze why two owners with very different personalities can each create and grow a successful business that’s true and unique to their voice and spirit. Much like many of Julia’s courses, they will challenge students to “find that inner voice, heart, purpose and personality and learn how to grow a successful studio no one else can copy because ultimately that business will be built uniquely upon a foundation of something simple—you.”

The sisters will be teaching their first full course together at Imaging USA, "Success. It's All In Your Head."

The sisters will be teaching their first full course together at Imaging USA, “Success. It’s All In Your Head.”

“Success: It’s All In Your Head” is Tuesday, February 3 5:15-6:30pm CT

BONUS! The ladies will have some special giveaways during the class, as well as great deals on products for class attendees following the course. If you’re at Imaging, be sure to be there!!

Julia will also be teaching at the ProSelect/Time Exposure in-booth theatre:

“Selling Wall Groupings and Specialty Products.” ProSelect/Time Exposure in-booth theatre, Booth#555 on Sunday, February 1 at 12:45pm

Be sure to follow Julia on Twitter for the latest #ImagingUSA updates!

Have fun out there photographers!




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