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I know to some of you that sounds like a four letter word. Or at least a word that makes you want to run and hide. Really, I know! Truly I don’t blame you. It used to make me want to bury myself under my covers with my dog, some chocolate, and a glass of wine. But I realized that if I wanted to get serious about my business and be a real entrepreneur, who was successful and actually made real money, I needed to become an expert in marketing. So I learned everything I could about it, and I turned what I considered my biggest business weakness into my biggest strength and most valuable asset. I know you are shouting all of your objections at the screen right now. Here’s what I hear from my students all the time:

But Julia…

  • Where do I start my marketing efforts?
  • How can I compete against so many other photographers in my market?
  • What if I don’t have any money?
  • What will get me the most bang for my buck?
  • Other photographers in my area are already doing that.
  • How can I partner with that vendor when so-and-so photographer is already there?
  • How can I market when I don’t even feel like I have a viable business yet?
  • I am overwhelmed by marketing. I have no idea what to do!

These are all valid questions that as business owners, we all face on a daily basis. And they are hard to answer!

Enter the Marketing Audit Challenge…

The Marketing Audit Challenge is 6 days of daily in-depth looks at what you are doing in all aspects of your marketing. Each day we are going to review a different topic, and assess where you are in that area of marketing. It will force you to take a clear, focused look at what you are doing to market your business. You will see what you are doing right, what you are doing wrong, and where you can take your efforts to produce results to get the right kind of clients in the door, the ones you really want to work with, the ones who are your ideal client.

We are going to take a good hard look at your marketing efforts for your……

  • target audience…
  • competition…
  • partnerships…
  • communication…
  • brand and collateral…
  • budget…
  • promotions…
  • advertising…
  • website and social media…

Then at the end of the Marketing Audit Challenge we are going to do a free class “How to Create a 90-Day Marketing Plan That Will Bring Clients in Your Door”. We’ll take the results of your audit and put it all together in a free master class led by me to create a marketing plan that will produce real results for your studio. During this challenge you will take a 40,000 ft view snapshot of your business and see everything that it truly is and isn’t. With this information, you are going to be empowered as a business owner to take things to the next level. To soar your marketing into the stratosphere and bring in those clients who truly respect what you do, who appreciate your business for what it is, and pay you accordingly. It will give you confidence that the direction you are going is the right one.The Marketing Audit Challenge is FREE. Come join us, be inspired to grow and get excited about marketing your business and produce marketing efforts that actually work, that make your community actually know who you are so that you will become the respected, well-known studio in your area. Whether you shoot babies, kids, families, or seniors I want you to be excited about marketing and become a marketing expert which is one of the most valuable skills a profitable business owner can have.

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