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It is no doubt that the learning curve for parenting is steep. It’s no small feat! And while there is SO much joy in raising those little people, sometimes, comic relief is necessary to carry us through those not so joyous times. I went browsing in my mind over my last four years of parenting and dug up things I have learned from having babies. Hopefully, you can relate and they’ll get you laughing.

5 Things To Learn From Your One Year Old 

1. Nothing is just yours. Ever again.

You’ll be a master at sharing in no time. It won’t matter if it’s boiling water, sardines or watermelon, your child will want some. Always. Even if they just ate three helpings of mac and cheese and chicken nuggets.

2. No amount of preparation can really prepare you.

And I’m not just talking about parenting in general here (those cute little bodies do not come with instructions!). Whenever I am getting our family ready to go to their grandparents for dinner, or a weekend trip, I try different methods of preparation to avoid forgetting anything (like oh, diapers for the baby – trust me, it’s happened!) but it never fails. I can start a week in advance and still forget.

3. Peek-a-Boo is *the* best game ever!

You can cover your face with your hands or hide behind a blanket and when you reveal yourself, that child of yours will think that’s the greatest thing in the world! Try it with a toy behind your back, too. Simple joys are the best joys. This game carries through to adulthood too. Think about when you lose your keys and then find them – you’re so happy!!!! These kids are pretty genius, right?!

4. Baby laughs never get old.

On the subject of games, everything your child thinks is funny, will compel you to repeat it over and over and over again. And again. The sound of that pure bliss from the mouth of babes is just undeniably the world’s most natural anti-depressant. Get that sound on video tape, pronto.

5. You will never be loved more by anyone.

Among the frustrations and pitfalls of parenting, there is the love. Such a simple word and yet one that holds so much power. Even through the screaming and defiance, that child is really saying “I love you.” Boundaries are all part of that 4-letter-word. Nothing epitomizes unconditional love like a child. Their feelings get hurt but they want their mom/dad to comfort it. Soak it all up!

Enjoy these little nuggets of life, as they are far too fleeting.



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