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Julia Heads to creativeLIVE Photo Week in Seattle


Photo Week is underway! This major, live, worldwide event put on by creativeLIVE  features more than 40+ other photographers teaching 150+ hours of FREE education over six days. Put simply, Photo Week is one of the most ambitious events the photography industry has ever seen and it is a huge honor to be participating at the teaching level.

Julia is so excited to be teaching Newborn Relationship Posing on Wed, Sept. 18 at 9am:

Course Description: Moms and dads often opt out of newborn portrait sessions, choosing to highlight their baby. But in doing so, new parents are missing out on memorializing an important time in their family’s life. During this 90-minute workshop with acclaimed newborn photographer Julia Kelleher, you will learn how to expertly pose mom, dad, and new baby together in stunning portraits. Julia will also cover lighting tricks, classic and creative poses, communication techniques, and how to work delicately with newborns to capture powerful images that will delight your clients.


Photo Week Sept. 16-20, Seattle, WA

Julia is heading to Seattle to teach the Newborn Relationship Posing. CreativeLive’s Photo Week is happening Sept. 16-21 in Seattle, WA


Anyone can tune in September 16-21 to learn game-changing skills from experts in commercial, outdoor, and wedding photography — with a special track for beginning photographers. The courses are FREE when you watch them LIVE, and can be purchased as collection for anytime access.

Entrepreneurs, designers, photographers and graphic arts professionals, we’d love for you to join us for this historic event! Be sure to follow the Jewel Images Facebook page for live updates and reminders about Julia’s trip and experience.

Quite simply, Photo Week is genius, it rocks, and we are so excited to be taking part in this historic photography event in beautiful Seattle, Washington!

You can view the entire schedule for creativeLIVE’s Photo Week here.

Visit for more information on Photo Week and loads of professional photography information.


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