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Last month we shared our excitement over the results of Julia’s submissions to the International Photographic Competition. In an amazing showing of artistic talent, Julia earned Diamond Photographer of the Year and Platinum Master Artist! She also qualifies for Master Artist Degree and the Imaging Excellence Award which will be awarded at Imaging USA in January 2016. Over 1500 entries were received this year, and only 33 photographers were awarded the honor of Diamond Photographer of the Year. Seven of her images will be published in the 2015 Loan Collection Book. Quite a year and we are still over the moon proud of Julia’s achievements.

Today we are thrilled to release the images that earned her this distinction and a bit about the stories that inspired the art. Enjoy!


Open Category Award Winning Images

Diamond Case

“Breath Of Heaven”

Inspired by the color of the mother’s hair, Julia started painting this photograph in Corel Painter and the colors just started flowing through her. It is meant to represent the breath that God blows through a mother when she gives birth to a new child.


“Her Happily Ever After”

Something interesting about this piece that not many people know: the burlap beneath the print is quite intentional and meaningful to the story of this image. You can see how this woman has come from nothing, and then quite miraculously she has everything once she gives birth and becomes a mother. The burlap adds a layer to the story that hints at a Cinderella telling of this woman’s life.


“A Sketch Of Innocence”

Prior to completing this image, Julia had always wanted to learn charcoal. With the chalk and charcoal brushes in Corel Painter, she was able to give this image an incredibly realistic feeling and texture in digital form.


“In The Folds Of Slumber”

This image, which is perhaps Julia’s most well-recognized, was created in a fleeting evening of artistic energy. One night alone in the studio, in just two hours, Julia created this image of baby Cole to be used as a promotional image for her CreativeLive class The Creative Newborn Photography Studio.




Master Artist Category Award Winning Images

Platinum Case

“The Wardrobe”

This image has a lovely personal story. The child sitting on the shelf of the wardrobe is Julia’s son, Dean. He is at a very magical stage of life, just 3 years old in this image. The world is beginning to open up just as wide as his curiosity and playfulness. One of Julia’s goals is was to have an image of her son make it into the Loan Collection Book and with this, she has reached that momentous achievement. How fun it will be to look at this years from now with Dean! If you look closely at the panel,  you will see that there are 17 photographic components in this image. You will also see toys and trinkets that have been handed down generation to generation in the Kelleher family. From great-grandfather to grandfather to father, and finally, to this little son. Dean’s little “lovey” blanket also makes an appearance, a comfort he’s held close since the day he was born.


“A Difficult Decision”

Photography is, at its heart, all about powerful and emotional storytelling. This image, which has eight different photographic elements, tells a story of loss and life, love and heartache. If you look closely, you will be able to recognize Lauren, our studio assistant, who plays the tender role of mother in this story.


“Shepherd Of Her Heart”

One of our favorite clients and a very close friend of Julia’s models in this beautiful portrayal of mother and child.


“The Drought”

Our studio manager, Belinda, and her daughter Brooklyn helped to make this story come to life. You’ll notice that Belinda is pregnant in the image. She has since given birth to her second beautiful daughter Kinsley, who is now four months old.



And because we love to share behind-the-scenes, we dug up this shot of Julia on the side of the road, camera in-hand, atop her SUV. See that cabin there? This is the landscape of “The Drought” discovered at a moment least expected along a road somewhere in Central Oregon. As Julia says, “When you see it, you gotta stop and shoot it.”


Stay tuned for more award news when Julia heads to Imaging USA in Atlanta in January! To see more of her award-winning artwork, follow Julia on Pinterest. 


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