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We were so honored and proud to have Julia selected to speak at Imaging USA this year–the largest professional photographic convention in the United States! While it was an exciting event for us in little ol’ Bend, OR, it kept us very busy with preparations and finishing up projects. We re-branded our mini sessions line, prepped products for sale, launched a new swaddling product from our assistant, Tiffany (also owner of Red Owl Designs), and all kinds of other things!

Before going we hoped that Julia’s class would be a hit and everyone would love it. We had NO idea! I wasn’t able to go so she posted this panorama she took with her I-Phone a few minutes before starting as all the students were filing in.¬† She spoke on the “Art & Emotion of Newborn Portraiture” to over 800 professional photographers who came to Imaging USA from all over the world.

Man, oh, man! A packed house for the entire time she spoke! I bet her nerves were going crazy but she is such a talented gal I knew she would do great. We heard back from several attendees and they said it was a blast! Everyone loved her class and found it very educational. Too bad Imaging USA wasn’t in Bend, OR so I could have experienced it for myself. I was able to get a feel for the event through pictures on Facebook and Instagram and grabbed this one from a learner’s point of view.

Julia called the day after and shared her perspective and gratitude of all the support she received from the people who attended her class. I am always singing her praises, but what I love about her is that she is always so humble—even after over a year of me constantly telling her how awesome she is! Possibly the best part about working with her is how proud I am to say I work for Jewel Images. Not only do I believe she is talented, but she works hard, shares with the rest of the photographic community, involves herself in local community events, and the list goes on. With all of her rewarding qualities, it is no surprise to me that she was able to obtain her Master of Photography degree this year. The only sad part was that I wasn’t able to see it in person! I’m sure her husband felt the same way, but he was hanging at home with their adorable son while she walked the stage. Our absence is by no means a show of our love and pride! (She’ll probably blush when she reads this, but I am only writing the truth.) My heart swelled with glee when I saw this picture on Facebook…

This image just captures Julia’s heart and humbleness as she too was so excited to be receiving her degree after all the hard work of earning it! Her long-time mentor and amazing artist in his own right, Thom Rouse, was given the blessing to adorn her with her degree.

The rest of Imaging USA 2013 was great too. There were so many classes and great instructors to learn from this year and many opportunities to network. Check out the line-up here and register to come next year.

I hope you all enjoyed my take on it and maybe next year I’ll be able to be there and give a first-hand account. Until then, take care!



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