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That dreaded client question: “Hello? Do you sell the digital files?”

Everybody wants the digitals. But what most clients don’t realize is how un-valuable digitals really are. But clients buy what they KNOW. And digitals are what they know. So that’s what they THINK they want. But when you flip the switch and show them incredible, unique and out of this world products, you do something amazing for your business. You launch an undeniably unique brand.Products do a couple of things for you:

  • Make you stand out.
  • Unique products that clients can’t create- makes them WANT those.
  • A limited “less is more” product line makes you look expensive.
  • You give off a “custom” vibe.”
  • And an exclusive allure.

So how do you begin creating a unique, sought-out product line?

  1. You run away from what everyone else is doing.
  2. You run away from what clients can create themselves.
  3. Explore interior design and furniture stores.
  4. Look at what art museums are doing.
  5. Seek out “different” at trade shows.
  6. Consider combining products from labs to make an even more unique offering.
  7. Make it all “wall ready.”
  8. Always ask yourself, “Can I make a product out of that?”

Remember, unique products make you look different. And different means intriguing, coveted and attractive to a potential client which piques curiosity and interest. It elevates your brand. When you don’t look like everyone else, you attract someone different – your ideal client.

Need help producing a beautiful unique product line?

Check out our Pricing Suite. It’s a proven system for pricing products using the Create Your Own Collection model. Offering both gorgeous, unique and tangible products to your client along WITH the digital files – it gives your clients the best of both worlds. Proven and successful with hundreds of studios worldwide, the Pricing Suite is our most popular business tool and comes with full product resources, layered, customizable .psd files, and pricing information. Get your sales average up with a proven model that averages our studio a reliable, $1000 + average per client. See it and learn more in our shop on

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