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Welcome back to FOCUS & FACETS!

In this episode, I am over the moon to welcome my sweet friend, and fellow Nikon Ambassador, Dixie Dixon. Believe it or not – Dixie got her start behind the camera shooting little league teams and players when she was quite young, joined the yearbook staff in high school in an effort of getting out of band camp, and as fate would have it – she fell in love with photography. In college she shot weddings and had the opportunity to study abroad within the realm of fashion photography which gave her a taste of her present-day niche of commercial and fashion photography. And, let me tell you – she is insanely talented – and we’re chatting all about her incredible skills, our favorite Nikon gear (of course!), and the brand and business she’s built that so many notable names and businesses know and trust.

Note: *All episodes of this season were recorded between May 2021 to November 2021. Some references and conversations might reflect past tense events.*

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Let’s #dothework and keep that conversation going.

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