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While the rest of the country grocery shops, bakes, roasts, bastes, and eats too much turkey (OK, OK, we’re going to do that too!), we are gearing up to head to Seattle next week for CreativeLive for:

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Julia’s keynotes will ask you to dig deep, open your heart and be vulnerable. Tune in LIVE Dec. 4-6 on CreativeLive!

Capture the Journey of Parenthood with Julia Kelleher

Family Photography: Capturing Connection

CreativeLive: Dec. 4-6, 2015

It’s just 8 days away! What are YOU most excited for? Let us know in the comments!


With each class there is great energy, excitement and a flurry of creative ideas that really consume Julia and her entire team. There is also a lot to do which makes to-do lists more valuable than ever. That said, we want to make sure you have all the information you need to enjoy Julia’s next class. There are some surprises, a fantastic giveaway, love, emotion and a whole lot of soul-searching built into this class. Get ready to learn a lot (a lot!) and dig deep into your soul to discover emotion and connection that will take your photography to amazing places.

  • Please RSVP here: Be sure to do this so you have access to the FREE course goodies and follow-along projects
  • Follow Julia and Jewel Images on social media so you have updates, behind-the-scenes, and (SHH! DON’T TELL!) access to a fantastic, highly social contest happening during the live broadcast!

We’ll see you LIVE from Seattle next week! Happy Thanksgiving!

Full Course Description:
As children, our parents define how we understand love. As parents, we learn what unconditional love truly means – learn how to capture all the emotions of parenthood with images that tell the story of family.

Family Photography: Capturing Connection with Julia Kelleher will show you how to tap into the hearts of your clients through fine art family photography.

Julia Kelleher will teach you from basic to advanced – posing for parents. Create images with great posing that elicit genuine connection and speak to your client’s journey as a parent. You’ll learn how to work with parents and their young children to get photographs that reflect the sweetness and intensity of a child’s first years. Julia will assist you with developing:

Ideas for posing newborns, toddlers and children
A clear set of family posing rules
Lighting and post-processing technique
How to apply your unique experiences in parenthood to your own work
Understanding how to connect with your clients and yourself for more authentic work
Storytelling strategies that promote your studio
Julia will cover the technical elements of family photography: lighting, posing, editing, and processing. She’ll cover artistic style and getting creative along with building a solid business foundation. She’ll also share the more intangible elements of a successful family image, and teach you how to connect to the families you photograph and to capture that connection in camera.

Tumultuous, heart-warming, and joyous, parenthood defines who we are the moment our children arrive to us. Learn to capture the journey emotively in fine art images that transcend time and speak to your talent as a photographic artist — endearing your clients to you and giving them confidence to invest for life.



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