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Wyatt at 6 months old and Trinity at 3 years old have both grown so much since the last time we saw them! It is always so much fun to see clients months and years after a newborn shoot. These little siblings are the perfect brother and sister duo. Trinity could barely hide her excitement and […]

Wyatt at 6 Months – Bijou Baby Plan


This family was ecstatic when they found out they were having a baby boy, you can just tell by the big smiles stretching from ear to ear! The two sisters, Aspen and Cypress, could not wait to welcome their little brother into this world. Baby Canyon will fit right in with his parents and two […]

We got a baby brother!


Siblings Zac and Evie could hardly wait to welcome their baby brother Gavin to the world, they didn’t want to let go of mommy’s belly! When talking to Mama in preparation for their session she just kept talking about how much big brother and big sister loved on her belly. Gavin was a surprise third […]

Baby Gavin


After having two boys, Liam and Colton, this mama was ready for a little girl. Olivia was born on June 16th, 2016 and this sweet family could not get enough of her. Olivia is so blessed to have two older brothers for protection and loving parents for comfort. They will create memories for an eternity […]

First Little Girl, Baby Olivia


Do you remember when you were younger and all that mattered was your blankie, teddy bear, a cool pair of shades and everything you said made you laugh?! Life is so simple for these kiddos, and the coolest new pair of light up sneakers will make their whole week! We love capturing the moments where […]

Natural Kid Glory


I got a baby sister!| Jewel Images Newborn Photographer Julia Kelleher, Bend, Oregon

There are few things more exciting than bringing your first baby sister home for the very first time. Okay, there’s nothing more exciting! And quite clearly big brother Xander would agree with us 100 percent. He’s just two years old right now, but we bet this sweet excitement and pride over the arrival of baby […]

I got a baby sister!


Mother and Newborn baby | Jewel Images Julia Kelleher Bend, Oregon

Motherhood is beautiful and we feel so privileged to get to witness the progress from pregnancy through the first days of life with baby. We see moms at all stages of life, first time, fifth time and every time in between, and it is always so beautiful and such a gift. We often see mothers […]

Motherhood is beautiful


Baby Plan Photographs Jewel Images Julia Kelleher Bend Oregon

Oh how we love our Bijou Baby Planners! We feel so spoiled, actually, to be able to see them several times through their first year of life. It’s special, ever-changing, entertaining, and so incredibly fleeting. When we see baby at 1 year, and think back to what they were like at just a few days old, well, […]

Savannah at 1 Year


Maternity photo, beauty | Jewel Images, Julia Kelleher, Newborn Photographer Bend, Oregon

Pregnancy is that time of waiting that for some lucky women, can be the most magical experience of their life. We know very few women who exude that joy and also, look this good pregnant. Abbey is even more beautiful on the inside than she is on the out. Shot in her 39th week, little […]

Beauty in the Waiting | Maternity Photos


Hello baby! | Jewel Images Julia Kelleher Newborn Photographer Bend, Oregon

Little Greta first came to us as a newborn baby. You might remember her? She made her debut on Julia’s CreativeLive “Studio Systems: A Photography Business Bootcamp” course as a brand new baby. Her sweet parents went through their real, in-person ordering appointment with us during the class and the entire family was so well-loved by […]

Greta Then & Now: From CreativeLive Newborn to 7 Months!


Newborn baby girl | Jewel Images Julia Kelleher Bend Oregon Newborn Photographer

Little newborn baby Siva. When her parents filled out their questionnaire, we love how they answered this question: Why did you choose Jewel Images? “Love the passion and the end results!” That’s really what it’s about for us, a passion to capture the very beginning of life so that these moments never end. Baby Siva […]

Siva | Newborn Baby Girl


brothers and baby | Jewel Images Julia Kelleher Bend, Oregon Newborn Photographer

These boys, what can we say? They are just about the cutest thing on earth. At 9, 6 and 6 months, these three are set for a life of adventure and fun together, we’re sure of it! Mom and dad came to us for baby Cade’s Bijou Baby Plan 6 month baby photos, but they […]

Big Brothers and Baby


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