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No matter what kind of provider you choose, it’s important to ask questions up front. It helps you feel more comfortable with your provider and helps them get to know you too. We came across some websites that had some good tips on interviewing a doctor and evaluating your comfort level so we thought we’d […]

Interviewing Your Doc/Doula/Midwife.


Being such baby lovers, and mommies ourselves here at Jewel Images, we decided that it would be fun to share some research with you in one convenient place. The first thing we think is important is trying to figure out what kind of care to get for your pregnancy and through delivery and post-birth? Who […]

Deciding On Prenatal Care


Article by our former Studio Manager Belinda Deboard during her second pregnancy. During our last pregnancy check-up appointment, the doctor gave my husband and I a heads up on the next one: we would talk about prenatal testing. My husband and I had already decided that we would keep the baby as full term as […]

Prenatal Testing


Being pregnant has it’s own set of emotions and thoughts so don’t let your diet be one of them! Against popular belief, you don’t have to eat too much more food while pregnant. In your first trimester, the average extra calorie intake is a mere 300 calories. That’s not much! A bowl of greek yogurt, […]

Pregnancy Food Guide


Pregnancy is such a blessing but also comes with a whole new world of aches and pains. The following is a list of recommended medications for use during pregnancy. We sourced these from various online medical sites and our local OB/GYN office, so please consult your personal doctor before use. See disclaimer below. Medications marked […]

Pregnancy Medicine Guide


Let’s be honest when we say that having a newborn is not all rainbows and butterflies. Of course we all love our sweet squishy little miracles to death, but often times as parents we tend to get tired, overwhelmed and just plain frustrated when we don’t know exactly what our tiny little humans need. That […]

How To Soothe Babies | Bend Newborn Photography | Jewel Images, Inc.


Your family helps build your interpersonal skills-especially when there is more than one child. (We all know there is a plethora of opportunities for conflict resolution there!) Having siblings of the opposite sex makes it easier to talk to members of the opposite sex later in life, which makes dating (and finding a life partner) easier. Family […]

Facts About Families – The Fun and Not So Fun | Children and Family Photography in Bend, Oregon


It is no doubt that the learning curve for parenting is steep. It’s no small feat! And while there is SO much joy in raising those little people, sometimes, comic relief is necessary to carry us through those not so joyous times. I went browsing in my mind over my last four years of parenting […]

Lessons To Learn From A One Year Old | Baby Planner Session | Child Photography in Bend, Oregon


1. Their first smile 2. Their first “I love you” 3. Their constant ah and wonder over the world around them. 4. Their lack of hesitation in loving and helping others. 5. Their amazing imaginations.

5 Ways Kids Help Us Be Grateful


Mommy Mingle in Bend, Oregon!

We love our community of mommies. We spend a lot of time talking with, supporting, and of course, photographing mothers and their babies in Bend, Oregon. We also love getting involved with the community outside of the studio. Mommy Mingle was an idea born out of the hope to provide moms with a fun, social […]

It’s Mommy Mingle Time!


10 Inspiring Quotes for New Parents

Since ancient Greece, the baby has been the optimistic symbol of ushering in the New Year. We are lucky enough to meet this symbol of rebirth and renewal so often here at Jewel Images. The newborn babies we photograph are a constant reminder to us of how every day is a brand new chance — […]

10 Inspiring New Year’s Quotes for New Parents


Holiday Cards Tips and Tricks

The holidays. It’s one of our favorite times of the year! We’re busy prepping our “Restoration Hardware” style Christmas family mini sessions happening this Saturday, November 21 in our studio in Bend, Oregon. We’re featuring milk and cookies, holiday pajamas, and tons of joy! Just a few slots remain and today (Nov. 18) is the […]

Holiday Cards: 9 Tips & Tricks


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