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This week on Focus & Facets my good friend, industry colleague, and fellow Nikon Ambassador Audrey Woulard is joining me to dish all bout how she has honed in on her incredible business from channeling all of her energy into online sales only! Yes, you heard me correctly – online sales ONLY. Audrey is a […]

An In-Person Way Of Selling Online With Audrey Woulard


So, are you fed up with the $50 shoot and burn girl down the street?  The one who is just starting out and thinks a family session with 20 images at $50 is what will get her put on the “portrait photographers in your community” map?  She thinks, and I apologize in advance if this […]

Your Images Are Not Your Product


I took a client inquiry phone call one day and just about fell out of my chair when I hung the phone.  She was a dream.  Her first question was : “Do you print? That’s what your website says right?” “What?” I asked, “Of course, we print. We are a tangible product studio, all of […]

Your Business Attracts Who It’s Designed To Attract


I’ll never forget the day I deeply regretted upgrading my mac operating system. You know how your computer loves to take control of your life and auto update everything for you? Yeah…it did that…..like an obsessed, fearless, honey badger going after a midnight meal. Nasty! All seemed well in the beginning. Smooth as silk, right? […]

Software & Your Sanity: What Do You REALLY need?


It’s the dream of many, many aspiring photographers. Your own studio space – whether in your home or out of it. The dedicated studio space is a creative entrepreneur’s fantasy. It’s what many of us strive for as the “next” big goal in our business.  So, what are you waiting for, my friend? Go do […]

Are Your Ready For Studio Space?


On this week’s episode of Focus & Facets, we talk with my sister, Jenny Mason of Jenny Mason Photography. Jenny has been in business for 15 years in Southern California, photographing newborns, families, babies, you name it. She does on-location and studio work and has grown her business from out of her garage into a […]

Sister Act: The Story of Starting Out


Have you been there? Are you losing hours or worse yet, slaving away too many hours? Middle of the night, computer-drained, eyes-sore, can’t-see kind of tired? This week I’m chatting with Neill Williams, my personal business coach, and we’ll chat about the concept of “magic time”. We dive into what your brain is really doing […]

Time Blocking is Time Stalking with Neill Williams


Let’s face it, clients won’t buy from you unless they trust you. Dropping $1000 or more in a portrait session means they believe in what you do and they trust you’ll deliver. How can they trust you? First, they need to know and like you, then they need to learn how capable you really are […]

3 Things Your Onboarding Experience Needs


Do you play it safe? When was the last time you really tackled something hard? Do you avoid new scary tasks for fear that you might fail? Or maybe your friends and family encourage you to go for it, but you have trouble grabbing the reins.  Do you avoid situations where you may feel uncomfortable […]

The Comfort Zone is the No Growth Zone


Ugh, websites.  In the 5 Carat Collective, we have an entire group discussion that’s called “Work, Wine and Website.” Because it is OUR website. We have to work really hard at it and we always want to whine about it and have a glass of wine while we’re doing it. Who doesn’t need a glass […]

Is Your Website Losing Potential Clients?


Who would have thought that psychology is part of sales?  Maybe a lot of people do think that, but it’s not really about sitting in the ordering appointment getting your client to buy something.  No, it’s more about the psychology of your client’s mind as they make a decision to purchase while working with YOU. […]

The Psychology Of The Sale


I beg you, don’t EVER send your price list to a potential client again!  Did you hear me, friend? It’s the easiest way to lose clients and it’s doing nothing for your booking rate, and I promise you there IS a better way.  True story: One time, I sent a price list to a potential […]

Why You Should Stop Emailing Your Price List


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