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It can be oh so tempting to go out and buy the latest and greatest camera model but it’s important to be smart about it too.

1. Consider Your Budget. First of all, don’t upgrade if you don’t have the money! Plus, it’s not always just the camera body you’re investing in. Be wise in your business investments. 

2. Consider Your Current Camera Knowledge. Know your camera before you decide if you need a new body. You need to be ready to upgrade in your technical skills before switching things out. Be shooting in manual and be able to utilize the features of your current camera and be able to do it in your sleep! Know its capabilities before making a decision. 

3. Consider If Your Performance Is Being Limited. It may be time to upgrade when you feel like the camera is limiting your performance. Does it feel like you’re missing shots because images are out of focus or it’s just not fast enough to capture the moment? Or maybe your camera can’t handle low light situations as well as you want? You’ll want to capture images that have enough megapixels to print large so if your current camera body only shoots smaller files, you may want to consider upgrading.

4. Consider How Upgrading Will Make You Better. Know what to look for in a camera that is “better.” Are you moving to a full frame camera versus a crop sensor? Is your camera equipped with multiple focus points with auto focus so you are able to follow your subject to create those crisp images? Do you want to be able to capture things in burst mode? Consider your software compatibility as well! If you are upgrading your camera, make sure your camera raw and editing software can handle reading the files that come off the newer camera bodies. 

5. Consider Other Costs and Functions. Extra features like wi-fi connectivity and weight, to HDR levels and shutter noise, to ease of use and customization of menus can all impact the use and performance of your camera.

6. Consider Lens Options And Compatibility Before Upgrading! The lenses are just as important as the body. Try upgrading your lenses first, before a new camera body, unless you’re moving from cropped sensor to full frame- some of them may not work the same.

The photographer makes the image, not the gear, so work on improving your knowledge and technical skills before upgrading your equipment.

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