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An In-Person Way Of Selling Online With Audrey Woulard


This week on Focus & Facets my good friend, industry colleague, and fellow Nikon Ambassador Audrey Woulard is joining me to dish all bout how she has honed in on her incredible business from channeling all of her energy into online sales only! Yes, you heard me correctly – online sales ONLY.

Audrey is a true delight and someone I can honestly say I admire and look up to for her creative ways and insightful thinking – and I know you will love hearing all the amazing nuggets of inso and information she drops during this episode.

Let get into it!


I am on my 17th year professionally. i started like many mothers who had picked up cameras and I started photographing my own children and I wished that I would be able to say that I’ve always loved photography. That was always what I wanted to do. Blah, blah, blah, but it’s not the case.

I had a really good corporate job that I ended up quitting because I kept having babies and I ended up staying home and my love for photography grew at that time. So I started off photographing newborns, maternity. Kids and families. And my focus started to shift as my children grew. Now, I photograph mostly tweens, teens and seniors and their families, too. So, I still do, photograph families, but they’re all older kids. So, my focus has kind of shifted and I haven’t looked back.


So, we’ve photographed your gorgeous son and you were so happy with the experience of the photo session. let’s just say you’re a cold call. We had a great session. And I would say to you, “you know, Hey Julia, this went really good. Do you have any vacations coming up?” or “What do you have going on?” And very conversational base.

Then you would say either A) “yes you do,”. Or B) “no, you don’t.” The reason I asked that question is because that tells me when I can send that gallery. Oh, yes, because you know, people say, “I never got anything.” Someone’s went to visit grandma. Do you know what I mean? Like, it’s always those reasons. So, I ask questions from a conversational standpoint. What’s what’s going on? What are you guys going to do? And they would would tell you. So, yeah, “we got vacation coming up,” “We’re going to Colorado.” Then I would say, “call me when you get back because I’ll have the gallery ready for you!”

So let’s say you have don’t vacations coming up. You’re you are going to be around November 1st to view in the gallery of your son. I will email you the gallery. In the email, it will say your gallery is online November 1st. And it will automatically come down November 7th. Then I will put the link in there, and I will go into products and set guidelines for how long those can be viewed as well.

I’m a big album seller, and one of the rules that I have is that you have 30 days to order. So, if you received your album on November 1st, you have until the 30th to make your selections and order.


It’s all psychological. So if we, as business owners really look at it from that perspective and how people respond, you can set things back exactly how you want it.

So, that’s what I’ve always done. In terms of my price list, I’ve got friends and I have an album, I have already pre-qualified my client because they have purchased the album for $2,800. So, what I do is if I’m talking to a client and I think a canvas would look great, or, you know, an acrylic print, metal print, etc, I will make them believe I’m getting that product just for them. “I think this would be so great above your fireplace,” etc. and by doing so, they feel as if they’ve been let into a secret club.


Eager to hear more from Audrey? Click the link above to listen to this weeks episode for the full interview!

Also, be sure to head on over to to register for the Virtual Photography Conference Audrey hosts that will take place November 30th- December 2nd, 2020 all online! Audrey can also be found at @kidsandthecity on Instagram, and over on her website, as well as in her Facebook community!

What was your favorite part of this weeks episode? Let me know in the comments below!


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