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5 Things to Avoid For Better Smart Phone Photos

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Summer is the time to take pics! The kids are out of school, playing, laughing and doing things that well…deserve a photo! And if you’re like most moms, you’ve got a phone in your hand to do that. I’m also willing to bet that you’ve been sometimes disappointed in what you’ve shot. Here are some tips to help you get better summer photos with your I-phone.

But before I get into it I’ll reiterate, PRINT YOUR PHOTOS! So many of us take the pics and then they stay buried o your I-phone. So every week, take the time to favorite 💜the images you shot that week and use an online service to order prints directly form your phone. Mpix.com has a great mobile app. And they’ll ship to your door in just 48 hours. Amazing! And it’s so worth it to have that print in your hand. Your kids and your hard drive will thank you for it later.

1. Avoid full sun. Few people look good while squinting, plus it’s unflattering light. An hour before sunset is the BEST time to get shots.
2. Be aware of your background to make sure there aren’t things (like trees or photo bombers) that could look like they’re sprouting out of your subject’s head or body. 
3. Don’t shoot people from low angles. It’s just not flattering.
4. Avoid dark locations. You want to be able to see your subject.
5. Use the rule of composition. Try not to put your subject dead center of your shot.

I-Phone shot if my son and Porter on Cultus Lake
Dean is a climber. Need I say more?

Happy shooting!



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