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So, we can’t really build the new house until we sell the old. The money has to come from somewhere, right? So today, we said good bye to our sweet house on the butte. It’s the house where Rob and I officially married in the backyard, and where Dean was born. So many memories here, it’s strange to see it empty. And can you believe the garage? I have NEVER seen it like this! Love you, hunny, but you’re a mess! 

Our home in Bend, OR for 9 years.
Movers are here!

Dean was an amazing helper, but got emotional too. He’s a sentimental kid. I hope that never leaves him.

Dean, my little helper.

We’ll be in a rental house until the new one is finished. I have to admit, it’s a really cute little rental on 5 acres! And the sunrises from the back porch are amazing! We’ll be cozy here for the winter. Our projected finish date is end of summer 2019. We’ll see. I always second guess my hubby’s timelines. It always takes twice as long as he says it will. Go figure. LOL

Our new rental house.
Front porch.

So goodbye first home! We love you. We’ll miss you. Thank you for all you’ve given us. Thank you for helping us build our next dream. You were wonderful to us, and we’ll never forget your memories.

Goodbye, Moore Ct. We’ll miss you!

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