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Girls and Dresses and Sass, Oh My! | Bend, OR Family Photography | Jewel Images, Inc.


When you found out you were going to have a little baby girl, your eyes might have lit up and all of these ideas popped into your head about shopping trips, spa days and matching holiday nighties. Don’t worry, the odds are those will still happen! However, there is ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ when it comes to parenting and a baby girl is no walk in the park.

Let’s start with the fun stuff! Like when your little girl decides to dress up in her favorite princess costume for an entire week straight (including sleeping in it!) Then you basically have to pry it from her tiny hands to put it in the washing machine so that you can get the dried mac n’ cheese and PB&J stains out.

Or when she has had a long day of swimming in the pool and hanging in the sun that she is so tired and just wants to snuggle up in your arms while you fall asleep to Queen Elsa singing ‘Let it go’ on the Disney Frozen Soundtrack.

What about that one time she made you have a tea party with her and her stuffed animal friends. She dressed you up like a fairy and you danced all around the house making magic potions and whipping up a batch of cookies. Oh! Cheers to the good times.

Let’s take a step back…those are all fun and laughable memories. Although sometimes the sass and temper tantrums take over! When she decides that she needs a brand new stuffed animal, because her 58 other ones are not good enough anymore and you say no, then the water works kick in. The screaming and fighting are almost so much that you just want to lock yourself in the other room and hide.

Or this one time when you decide you want to splurge and eat a chocolate bar in the middle of the day. Pause! Remember don’t let your little girl see you eating that chocolate or else she might want a bite also, and when you say no, again, the tantrum begins.

There is the also the stage when the only words coming out of her mouth are, ‘why?’ and ‘what is that?’, and when you might not have the answer or it is the wrong answer (not what she wanted to hear), the fussing starts again. Because your little girl is always right, right?

Even though the sass, attitude and tantrums can cause a whirlwind of stress and emotion the times where you get to play and cuddle together make up above and beyond the crying and fussing. At the end of the day, your little girl is your pride and joy and she is what makes your world go round.



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