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Isla Roatan-My Journey To Honduras | Portland Photographer


We spent the last nine days out of the country exploring several different locations in the Western Caribbean. I only took my point and shoot, and there were times when I wished I had packed my D700. Isla Roatan was one of my favorites simply because of the people and the scenery. While we were  there the temperatures was in the upper 80s with equal digit humidity. Just standing there, you sweat. The island smells like salt and sunscreen. It’s colors are brilliant and it’s lush landscape teems with life.




The island is only 30-40 miles long and sometimes just a mile wide. It’s a tropical jungle and paradise with fauna and flora that amaze. The waters are azure blue.





Chris and George, our teenage tour guides. These two learned english on the streets. They LOVE their island and two of the most spirited and delightful young boys who go to school at night and work during the day to support their mothers.



The roads here are not all paved. This one going through West End is all dirt, so in the rainy season it’s a muddy mess. It was just in the last few years that the main roads have been paved.


The hardest part about Roatan is the lack of care for their animals. The country is VERY poor and there is mentality here that you must not fix your pets. The issue has lead to over population and disease among the domesticated dogs. Fleas, ticks and mange are common. I felt so badly for these creatures. The wander around loose on the streets and so many of them seem so sad-heads hanging low.Mnay of them just sleep all day in the heat.



I will definitely go back here. There was just too much to explore and experience and we didn’t have enough time!


Yes, it was rugged and rough, but it was also glorious. It was authentic, unspoiled by tourism and the west. It’s people are genuine and kind. It’s one of the Caribbean’s best kept secrets.

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  1. Wow – These pictures are amazing! My favorites are the dock leading out to the water and the boat on the sand!

  2. Kim & Chad says:

    Gorgeous pictures dear! I believe you would also like Labadee Bay in Haiti. I went there a few years ago and it wasn’t overrun with tourist type attractions, like you find in Cozumel, but just a gorgeous beach. Royal Carribean Cruise Line owns the interest in it. I think I see some more award winning photographs! Even with its sad reality, the first picture of the dog is moving. (Tear jerking, actually). Best of luck in your many travels to come.

  3. Dog Mange says:

    Amazing picutres! I maybe heading there this year. So sad about how they don’t take care of their animals.

  4. Robin says:

    I recently visited Roatan during a cruise ship stop and as much as I loved the island I was extremely disturbed by the dogs. Starving to death is not an exaggeration. I’ve thought of nothing since. I’ve been racking my brain day and night trying to figure out how I can help. Someone has to step in because the Islanders don’t seem to hold dogs in the same esteem as we do.

  5. Teresa says:

    I love your pictures. I just just got back from a cruise where I visitied there and your right the young boys spirt is wonderfull! I hope to visit again!

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